Feed Your Livestock’s Needs With Premium Products

Organic Hay Bales for Sale & Hay Pellets From an Idaho Farm Contractor

Hay Junction grows, cuts, bales and delivers premium hay products for all of your agricultural needs. Our alfalfa and hay bales, hay pellets and cubes are 100% organic. Our blends are formulated to provide your livestock with enzymes and microbial's to improve their digestive systems.

Saturday Bales Sales

The last Saturday of every month we will be holding a sale for hay bales where you can find different types of hay to fit your every needs. You can find:

  • 2 String Small Bales: custom 50-60 lb high quality bales
  • 1 Ton Large Bales
  • 1 Ton Round Bales

This is perfect for high quality hay made for horses and other animals in need of only the best quality. But the list doesn't stop there! We will load you up using all of our own equipment and give you all of the lab results on the hay that we test for you. We specialize in the hay that we provide to ensure the best quality for you.

For more information about our hay bales, organic pellets and cubes, call your Filer, ID farm contractor at 208-326-2732 or 208-420-5184. Our feed is also great for hamsters!

Trust your livestock’s diet to Hay Junction

The farm contractors at Hay Junction are dedicated to earning a reputation for creating superior products you can afford.

Buying your hay bales, pellets or cubes from Hay Junction in Filer, ID will provide you with:

  • Peace of mind: Know exactly what’s in your livestock’s forage with our alfalfa and hay products. We grow, cut and bale quality grasses to create bales, organic pellets and cubes.
  • Lasting connections: Farming is hard work. Our team is committed to making it a little bit easier. We do this by always providing you with the feed you need and a supportive network of other farmers.
  • Continuous feed supply: Sign up for our contract and never worry about running out of feed with our committed crew by your side. We deliver your hay bales, pellets or cubes on time, every time.

Don’t wait. Schedule organic hay delivery right away with Hay Junction.

Utilizing years of farming knowledge to grow top-quality hay

After years of elk farming, our farm contractors started producing organic alfalfa and hay pellets, bales and cubes. We take pride in growing, cutting and creating premium hay products that are guaranteed to provide your horses and cows with the nutrition they need.

Count on Hay Junction for all your organic hay cutting and baling needs. Get in touch with your farm contractors in Filer, ID today to buy hay bales, pellets and cubes.

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