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Hay Junction Has All Your Hay Needs Covered

Hay cutting and baling services in Filer, ID

When you need hay bales, pellets or cubes, count on Hay Junction for cutting, baling and delivery services. We have been in the industry for years and know the importance of growing premium, high quality hay.

We grow, cut and bale alfalfa and hay made of a variety of grasses. We then produce bales, pellets and cubes in our on-site facility.

Our feed is fortified with enzymes and other good bacteria to provide your livestock with the nutrition they need.

Get in touch with Hay Junction for more information about our 100% hay bales, pellets and cubes.

From Seed to Bale

Due to the hardwork of our farming and harvesting teams, we are able to oversee the life cycle of our custom, 60-pound hale bales from start to finish. Our team will grow the product, farm it, harvest, and process the hay.

The last Saturday of every month we will be holding a sale for hay bales where you can find different types of hay to fit your every needs. You can find:

  • 2 String Small Bales
  • 1 Ton Large Bales
  • 1 Ton Round Bales

But the list doesn't stop there! We will load you up using all of our own equipment and give you all of the lab results on the hay that we test for you. We specialize in the hay that we provide to ensure the best quality for you.

Start stockpiling your hay today

Make sure you have enough feed year-round with hay bale, pellet and cube delivery services from Hay Junction.

We serve numerous farmers in the Filer, ID and all surrounding areas by producing superior hay products and delivering the pellets, cubes or hay promptly.

Schedule delivery service with Hay Junction, and rest easy knowing you'll always have feed the moment you need it.