Supplement Your Horse’s Forage With Top-Quality Products

Supplement Your Horse’s Forage With Top-Quality Products

Purchase hay pellets from your farm contractor in Filer, ID.

Decrease your horse’s respiratory problems with an alternative to hay bales. Make your horse’s manure easier to dispose of with weed-free feed. Reap the rewards of supplementing your horse’s forage with hay pellets from Hay Junction.

There are numerous advantages to feeding your horses hay pellets instead of hay bales. Hay pellets:

  • Cause less dust than hay bales
  • Are easier to digest
  • Require less storage space than bales
  • Are free of weeds, twigs, bugs and other debris

Start taking advantage of hay pellets from Hay Junction in Filer, ID sooner rather than later. Call 208-326-2732 or 208-420-5184 to schedule delivery service.

Do you know what’s in your horse’s forage?

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your horse’s nutritional needs are being met with feed from Hay Junction. Our hay pellets come in 40-50 pound bags with a product analysis so you’re aware of exactly what you’re feeding your livestock.

We offer prompt delivery services to numerous farmers throughout the Filer, ID area. Make the switch to hay pellets now.