Custom Bales

Southern Idaho has some of the highest quality hay in the world. Alfalfa in particular; the dry and arid summers combined with the volcanic soils provide the farmers with a prime environment for the greenest, leafiest, and richest forage possible. We provide our customers with 60 LB. fresh, ultra high quality bales everytime and the way we do that is through our extensive quality control filters combined with our hardworking harvesting team. We handle the hay from seed to sow to assure our customers that each of our cuts are producing premium product.

Don't believe us? Be at ease with our "Hay Junction high Quality Bale Guarantee". Find a bad bale and we will replace or refund it, free of charge.

Q: How does the product arrive once I order it?

A: Once our 26 bales are processed and placed tightly on a pallet, they undergo a shrink wrap process that helps block out the elements and environment during transit to assure quality freshness.

Q: Why should I choose Hay Junction bales over my two and three string bales that I have grown accustomed to?

A: Here at Hay Junction your never going to find a moldy bale, you're not going to find sunspots or wet brown hay from top and bottom bales. We deliver perfect bales, everytime. And I don't know about you, but moving a pallet of 60 LB bales is a lot less work then trying to move 100 or 120 LB two and three string bales around.

Q: Do you only process 60 LB alfalfa bales?

A: Nope! We also provide 60 LB timothy, bermuda and meadow hay bales as well as custom straw bales.